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The application and characteristics of ball valves

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According to operating conditions, different valves have different uses and characteristics. Solenoid valve products in the process of regulating the flow of media have main sealing, strength, regulation, opening and closing, circulation and other properties. The ball valve as a solenoid valve can be divided into: pneumatic ball valve, electric ball valve and manual ball valve according to the drive.

In the project engineering application, the ball valve is most suitable for switching, cutting off and changing the flow direction of the medium. It only needs to use a 90-degree rotation operation and a small rotating torque to close. In addition to the basic parameters such as the working pressure, medium characteristics, temperature, and performance of the ball valve, we also need to know which advantages and disadvantages of the ball valve when purchasing the ball valve. Based on years of R&D and manufacturing experience with valves, AQUA Valves Manufacturing summarized the relevant characteristics of ball valves below.

Ball valvebrass ball valve advantages:

1. Simple structure, small size, light weight.

2. The fluid resistance is small, and the full diameter ball valve basically has no resistance.

3. The sealing performance is good. The ball valve has two sealing surfaces, and the seal of the hard sealing ball valve is manually ground until the valve core is completely in line with the sealing ring. Like corrosion-resistant ball valves, the body cavity of the valve will be widely used in various plastics, with good sealing performance, and it has also been widely used under the vacuum environment.

4. Easy to operate. As a valve that switches, cuts, or changes the flow direction of the medium, the ball valve only needs to rotate 90 degrees during use, and the torque is small.

5. Wide range of applications and applications. Ball valves range in size from a few millimeters to a few meters and can be used from true height to high pressure. Moreover, ball valves have been widely used in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, power generation, papermaking, atomic energy, aviation, and rockets.

So, what are the limitations of such a widely used and easy-to-use product?

1. The product is expensive. Because of the high requirements on the processing precision of the process, it means that more production effort and resources are needed, so the cost of the ball valve is relatively expensive.

2. Should not be used in high temperature, such as impurities in the pipeline, easily blocked by impurities, resulting in the valve can not be opened.

AQUA Valves Manufacturing is a leading valve manufacturer in China. We have hundreds of models of various solenoid valve products. The ball valve products we produce are not only exquisite in craftsmanship and quality, but also have small opening and closing torque, long life, and low circulation, and can be widely used in many engineering projects.