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Check Valve

It should be explained by check valve manufacturer that “Check valves are probably the most misunderstood valves ever invented, they were considered ‘don’t work’ by most of people ”.

Although check valve price is near same with other kinds valves’, check valve applications are widely thanks to its type.


Dividen by connecting type:

(1) ball check valve

(2) swing check valve

(3) inline check valve

(4) spring check valve


Dividen by material:

(1) brass check valve

(2) stainless steel check valve

(3) bronze check valve

(4) copper check valve


For a professional check valve supplier, we can make the check valve sizes according your special requests as long as you let us know. Still, 1/2-4 inch check valves are available if you need them in urgent.


How check valve works?


Check valves are two-port valves, meaning they have two openings in the body, one for fluid to enter and the other for fluid to leave. It is composed of a few components such as the body, seat, disc, and cover. They are flow sensitive and rely on the line fluid to open and close. The internal disc allows flow to pass forward, which opens the valve. The disc begins closing the valve as forward flow decreases or is reversed, depending on the design. Depending on design, there may be other items such as a stem, hinge pin, disc arm, spring, ball, elastomers, and bearings.