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Gate Valve

1. Gate valve definition


A gate valve, also known as a sluice valve, is a valve which opens by lifting a round or rectangular gate/wedge out of the path of the fluid.


2. Gate valve application


Gate valves are isolating valves designed for full closing or opening of working media flow. If the gate valves are used for regulating or throttling purposes, the manufacturer does not guarantee

tightness of the gate valves. For regulation we recommend to use special control gate valve type.


3. Gate valve medium : WATER AIR


4. Assembly of a Gate valve


Assembly chart for a straightforward gate valve is given in figure P2.9(a). process info for the gate valve is given in figure P2.9(b). the subsequent planning info is offered as below :


(1) All planning and coming up with for the assembly of the gate valve has been completed.

(2) Patterns for the varied forged elements may be obtained in an exceedingly four operating days.

(3) 2 days square measure needed for the assembly of castings. Castings can not be made within the metal works till once receipt of the patterns.

(4) Varied sizes of bar stock may be obtained from an area metal provide house three days once orders for stock are placed.

(5) Nuts, screws, packing, etc., may be obtained in three days.


5. Advantages and disadvantages of Gate valves/Features & Benefits:

(1) The fluid resistance of the valve is little. as a result of the valve body of gate valve is straight-through sort and therefore the flow of the medium doesn't modification direction, the fluid resistance of it's little compared with different kinds of valves.

(2) The protection performance is healthier than that of the shut-off valve. The gap and shutting of it's a lot of convenient than those of the shut-off valve.

(3) The vary of applications is wide. additionally to steam, oil and different media, it may be employed in medium containing granular solid and with an outsized consistency. It may be used as emission valve and low vacuum system valve.


6. Gate valve could be a valve that has twin flow directions. It's not subject to the flow directions of the medium. Therefore, it's appropriate to be used in pipeline wherever the medium might modification the flow direction. It's conjointly simple to put in.