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Industrial Valves VS Civilian Valves

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There is a great many of ball valve manufacturers in the whole world,but as for the valve types,generally, we distinguished them into industrial valves and civilian valves.Then what is the difference of them?Let’s see together.


Industrial valves' grade is not capable of mass production or can not be mass produced, limited to cases or parts. While civilian valves mean technology is mature, the market has a lot of needs and can mass production.

Brass Hose Ball Valve

Material, this to keep up with this product you how to use, in what kind of work environment. Generally speaking, industrial-grade valve products of similar products than the civilian version of the material, more expensive. And which also relates to the processing of the situation.

The price is not generalized, because some products in the industrial level of production is sometimes to be scheduled, and even to cooperate with the manufacturer to design the agreement to produce, the price is much higher than the price of similar products similar to civilian.


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